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Low voltage transformers, transducers
  Current transformers
  Split core current transformers
  Transducers (current, voltage, power, ...)
Test & Measurement
Indicator instruments, counters
  Analogue switchboard instruments
  Digital switchboard instruments
  Counters (time-, impulse-, length-, stroke-, prog.-)

Electrical network meters

  Energy meters
  Multifunction meters
  Network analyzers
Safety of electrical installations and equipment
  Electrical safety testers
  Machine & Appliance testers

Portable electrical instruments

  Voltstick, Magnetstick
  Voltage testers
  Wire tracers
  Multimeters (analogue and digital)
  Current clamps and digital clamp multimeters
  Network analyzers
Portable enviromental testing instruments
  Thermometers (infrared, thermocouple, Pt100)
  Electrical and magnetic field meters
  Pressure meters

Lux meters

  Sound level meters
  pH meters
  Measuring other quantities...
  Multifunction meters
Energy management equipments
  Electrical power limiter, datalogger
  Gas consumption monitor systems
Laboratory instrumentation
  Power supplies
  Portable analogue meters
  Benchtop digital multimeters
  Function generators


  Laboratory instruments, rack execution
  Educational equipments
Calibrators for laboratory and field usage
  Temperature calibrators
  Analogical signal calibrators
  Electrical signal calibrators
  Electrical safety instrument calibrators
Automation components
Sensors, encoders and transmitters
  Temperature sensors
  Temperature transmitters
  Compensated cables
  Infrared temperature sensors and transmitters
  Relative humidity transmitters

Pressure sensors and transmitters

  Melt pressure transducers
  Meteorological sensors and transmitters
  Luxmeters and transmitters
  pH meters and transmitters
  Conductivity meters and transmitters
  Galvanic isolators
Rotative and position encoders
  Rotative encoders
  Linear potentiometers
  Temperature controllers
  Program, process controllers
Building automation controllers
  Heating controllers
  Hot water controllers
  Radiating heat controllers
  Motor valves
  Magnetic valves
  Solid State Relays
Recorders, dataloggers and accessories

Portable instruments with built in datalogger

  Data acquisition instruments
  Recorders (paper and electronic based)
  Recorder papers, pens, ink ribbons